Friday, March 26, 2010

Five for Friday

Good morning.  Hope your Friday is lovely!
  1. Looking forward to date night tonight with my love.  I think it will be dinner and a movie for us. 
  2. Found out yesterday that said love will be leaving to go to Lake County, IL (about 40 minutes outside Chicago) to assist with preparation for an inspection.  What?? He just got home.  Oh, well.  The real bummer is that I can't go with him due to all the changes at work.  May try to fly in for a weekend depending on how long he will be there.
  3. Scott got some great news yesterday.  He and Becky are moving to Chicago in July and he is trying to get a job there.  He has been asked by the chef of L2O to come in and hang out with him for a day.  He remembered Scott from August when he went to do a stage (pronounced staaaage~make sense? very common in the chef world to go work for free at a restaurant for a few days) and is interested in speaking with him.  He also got a request from the chef at Alinea to come do a stage for 2 days....kind of a working interview.  These are the 2 restaurants he is really interested in.  He told them both he will be there in June and that was ok with them.  Sure hope it works out for him!  So excited!
  4. Oh, and Scott got to meet Thomas Keller (from French Laundry in Napa) yesterday at a book signing,  Double cool!
  5. Not much going on this weekend.  Taking the car in tomorrow for servicing.  Looking at an apartment with Lauren. A little cleaning, a little cooking, a little crafting.  Sounds like the perfect weekend to me.
Happy weekend!

sorry for all the restaurant talk.....we are big foodies in my house and all this is super cool to us!

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