Friday, March 19, 2010

Five for Friday (3-19 edition)

  1. Rob is home for good from CA.  He starts his new position on Monday.  I am glad he is home.  It was so rough on him being out there away from us.  Much easier on me since I had the kids at home with me.  My dad flew out to make the drive back home with him.  So sweet of him to do that.  I think they had a great time just hanging out even if the drive was long and there wasn't much to see!  Thanks Daddy!  I know you made the trip easier on him just by being there.
  2. Things have been rough at work this week.  We are in full consolidation mode and just when I think I have everything covered one more thing pops up that needs to be done.  I just wish it was going a little more smoothly.  I have had one of those annoying tension headaches for the last couple of days.  Looking forward to the completion of the consolidation and being fully staffed. 
  3. I have been thinking a lot lately about where I want to go on vacation.  I have to talk to Rob about it but I would love to head to the beach for a few days in June.  Not sure where I would like to go but wherever it is I just want to relax.  Seems like a lot of times our vacation involves doing lots of things and not enough relaxing.  I think I just want to sit on the beach with a good book and maybe a margarita and do nothing!  Sounds like heaven to me. 
  4. I started reading Jodi Picoult's new book House Rules last night and I love it already. 
  5. Planning a trip to anthropologie this weekend.  Hoping these pretties will be coming home with me!

That's all i have for now.  Have a teriffic weekend! 


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