Thursday, February 11, 2010

a night with mr. mayer

guess who i saw last night.  ding, ding, ding.  you guessed it.  JOHN MAYER!  the concert was fabulous.  i like him even more now.  he is fantastic live. and i knew he could play the guitar but i didn't know just how good he was.  in the words of lauren "john mayer is a guitar god"!  he played for about 2 hours.  great songs like gravity, heartbreak warfare, say what you need to say, assassin, perfectly lonely and lots more. 

and yes, he did get choked up.  it was during gravity.  he poured his heart out.  i am sure you have seen it online, on the news, in the tabloids.  he basically apologized for some not so nice remarks he made.  and made it abundantly clear that he loved his band and had learned his lesson.  he just wants to "grow up" and play his music.  kudos to you mr. mayer.  i think it takes a big man to do that at a concert in front of thousands of fans.


we had a great time.  as usual when we go to concerts.  next up is Daughtry in May.  i have no ticket for anything else until then.  of course, we will have to see what comes up. 


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