Friday, February 12, 2010

five things

i have been having a hard time coming up with my friday five so this is going to be 5 very random things.

1.  really, really enjoyed the john mayer concert.  such a great talent.  and i am not usually one for tattoos BUT that sleeve he has is sexy on him! 

2.  i went to see The Wolfman tonight right after work.  i didn't want to be home by myself all night.  it was ok.  i should have waited to see it on video.  oh well, they can't all be good.

3.  had my first staff meeting since becoming Supervisor today.  i think it went pretty well.

4.  i bought The Time Travelers Wife and Army Wives Season 3.  waiting for Lauren to get home to watch Army Wives.  we both love it.  there are a couple of things that bug me like why is the General's wife hanging out with a Specialist's wife.  things like that don't happen.  at least not in the Army we were in!

5.  i was missing Rob this afternoon so much i checked to see if there were any flights available tonight.  no such luck.  i will have to spend Valentine's Day without my love.

i am watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  i am always fascinated by what the committees come up with.  i am also thumbing through the new Scrapbooks Etc that came in the mail today.  

not much planned for this weekend.  i am taking my car in for servicing tomorrow but will probably just chill out and relax other than that. 

happy weekend!

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