Friday, February 26, 2010

it's Friday and i am feelin' fine

good morning all~ 
usually i just say morning since i am NOT a morning person but this morning is a good one.  it's good because i am feeling fine.  yesterday i was freezing all cold that the hair on my arms was standing up.  yuck!  i went home and turned up the heat (to 70 from the normal 67), put on my jammy pants, a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie.  and i was still cold.  in fact, i was shivering.  and we all know what that means.  yep, that's right.  i had the dreaded fever.  i took some tylenol and planted myself in the recliner.  i stayed there the rest of the night until i went to bed about 10:30.  My son came home from work about 11:15 and came in and kissed me on the forehead (as he usually does, sweet boy) and it woke me up.  and i was drenched.  fever broke.  yay.  this morning i got up feeling much better!  so glad since i am to go to Asheville, NC for work on Monday and Rob comes home on Thursday.  anywho, on to Friday five.
  1. got these lovlies from Anthro this week.  i love that i can fit into their clothes now.  it is my new love.

 2.   anxiously awaiting the March kit reveal at Studio Calico.  i am amazed by the great job April and the team do in choosing what goes into each kit.  i am so glad i found SC...the kits, the design team and the community there is next to none.  i know i gush about SC a lot but i REALLY do love it.
3.  ready for my honey to come home for a visit.  it will be a much needed break for him after his big inspection.  plus he needs a family fix.  he really misses us.  it is much harder for him since he is alone.  at least i have the kids.  i have a honey-do list for him too.  hope he doesn't mind....tee hee!
4.  i am surprised by the fact that i haven't watched much of the Olympics.  i usually am glued to the tv during them.  i did watch some figure skating but not much.  wish i had seen more.
5.  plans for the weekend:  finish helping Lauren apply for a job at the VA tonight.  clean the house tomorrow.  go to the grocery sometime this weekend.  i need to get some stuff for rob that we don't eat like white bread (ick!).  go to Lowe's to pick out a garage door opener to be installed while Rob is home.  pack for my trip to Asheville.  try to find some time to scrap.  a tall order but i can do it!

happy weekend.


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