Friday, December 11, 2009

better late than never.....

no time at work today for a post.  i have been super busy since taking over as Supervisor.  sure does make the days fly by.  haven't had too much to blog about.  i do have to take some photos of the projects and pages i did at Vintage Fest with Jenni Bowlin.  will try to get that done tomorrow and get them posted.  lots on my plate for the weekend.  hoping to get it all accomplished.  my friday five this week are:
  1. had 2 (yep that's right, 2) shopping dates with Scott.  got some ideas for gifts for him too!
  2. taking stock of some issues at work.  trying to build a team.
  3. watching House Season 2.  i am working my way through the whole series.  i have seen most of them but i can never get too much House.
  4. planning to get the house decorated tomorrow.  Lauren will be home tomorrow evening so we will do it together.  hoping that once it is done i will feel a little more "Christmasy".
  5. MUST start shopping for gifts.  have purchased Becky's but no one else's.  talked to rob tonight and told him he HAS to email me some ideas for him.  he said the same goes for me.  i am asking for the Pioneer Woman's cookbook (still bummed i missed her book signing the other night).
that's all for now.  hugh laurie is calling......


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