Monday, October 12, 2009

salon sunday

this is how my day started.....a text from lauren asking me to make an appointment to get her hair done this afternoon.  i called and got her a 3:30 appointment.  left the house about 2:30 and walked around a little.  the stylist was running behind and actually started about 4:15.  i left and walked the mall.  i tried on clothes and shoes and got nothing.  i know....i couldn't believe it either!   went back to the salon and she was still getting color put on her hair.  what can i say.  the kid has a lot of hair.  anyway, we left there at 7:45.  talk about a long day.  but her hair looks beautiful.  and she loves it.  that makes all the waiting worth it!

ETA:  here's a photo of the new color.

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