Friday, October 09, 2009

friday five (turned into fifteen)

following the trend from yesterday i thought i would post my friday five about my daughter, Lauren.  at 23 she:

1~loves her new job as assistant manager at a gift shop
2~is making plans to move out in the Spring
3~is not a cook
4~is beautiful and witty
5~is NOT moving to Florida. at least, not any time soon. yay!
6~is planning on returning to college. double yay!
7~has a beautiful soul
8~is the spitting image of her mother
9~is a shopaholic (wonder where she got that from?)
10~is LOUD (always has reason why she was such a great cheerleader!)
11~laughs with abandon
12~is more like her dad than she would care to admit
13~drives like a grandma
14~is fun loving
15~is and always will be my baby girl!

Have a great weekend!


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