Monday, October 26, 2009

a no picture trip

can you believe.  i took no pictures on our trip to atlanta this weekend!  i am ashamed of myself.  had the camera all packed (the digi slr at that). had the charger and both lenses.  and no photos were taken.  shameful, i tell you.  there may not have been any picture taking  but there was plenty of family time, shopping and eating.  had a great time with my sister, Susan.  especially while she was helping my mom get her Facebook page going.  she found some great photos (embarrassing ones....even better) and we had a long laugh over them.  you know the kind....the tears in your eyes, can't breathe kind of laugh! 

went to archiver's and got a couple of stamps i had been wanting.  we seriously need an archiver's in nashville!  the lady there said they are just trying to keep the stores open that they already have.  no plans of adding any new stores.  boo :(

i am hoping to have some exciting news soon.  we'll see......


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