Friday, October 23, 2009

get ready.....

for the weekend.  tgif.  that means it is time for the newest installment of friday five.  since i am headed to atlanta for the weekend i thought i would post my five fave things about the ATL.

  1. my family lives there.
  2. they have archivers.
  3. there is always so much to do.  museums, shopping (like ikea and H&M), food (like Fellini's pizza), parks and so much more.
  4. the skyline.  there are these 2 buildings that we call ours.  they are beacons to us.  we always know we are home when we see them.
  5. 99X.  the best radio station ever!
short and sweet.  have a great weekend!  be back next week with trip photos.


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