Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Five

let me just start by shouting TGIF!!!!! i really need a weekend. i have had a very busy week at work, rob is out of town (he'll be home tonight) and i need to shop. yes, again. the weather is turning cool and i NEED some pants that fit! i will be in search of said pants this weekend. i have to find something to keep me occupied during football season, right? ;) and now back to regular programming.

friday five

1~remembering those who lost loved ones on this day 8 years ago, those who gave of their time and effort in the search and rescue and those who are making the sacrifice and serving (or who have served)for our freedom as a result of this awful day in our history.

2~had a nice dinner with lauren last night. have enjoyed having her around more and just hanging out. i fear there will not be too much of that in the near future. she will be moving on with her life. happy for her but i will miss her desperately.

3~changes happening quickly at work. lots of new positions coming open. lots of new opportunites.

4~recommitting to tracking my points. i have not been doing so well. i WILL be more careful. no more cheating on the weekends. it really is not helpful. also starting an exercise routine on monday. although i have lost 40 lbs i still want to lose 40-50 more.

5~looking forward to working on finishing my scrap studio this weekend. have some touch up painting to do and some stuff to hang on the walls. i have only been working on it for about a year! time to finish it up!

have a great weekend!


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