Monday, September 28, 2009

ever had one of those nights

i have. tonight.  i left work and stopped at target to do some grocery shopping.  stood in line forever because there was a guy in front of me buying beer that was from germany and didn't really understand why he had to show id to buy said beer.  oy vey!  the poor cashier was trying her best.  the guy's friend finally understood enough of what the cashier needed to be able to complete the purchase.  i was wishing rob was there to translate (he is fluent, his mom is german).

finally left there and got home and when i got there rob was on the phone with work.  issues, yet again.  solved now though, i think.  walked in the house and the smell of gasoline hit me in the face.  ok, not literally.  some gas got spilled in our garage yesterday and although rob cleaned it up right away, the smell permeated the house.  after all day of being closed up my house smelled like a gas station.  so, windows are open and ac is off.  good thing it is cool out tonight since i must have the house like a freezer to sleep.  i will be falling asleep to the sound of crickets tonight......

anywho, cooked dinner, did a load of laundry, did dishes, put away leftovers, put away clean laundry and had a discussion with rob about said laundry.  all while trying to get my resume and supplemental questions for the job i am applying for done.  resume is complete.  questions are started.  want to have it turned in by friday since the job closes on monday.  i CAN get it done.  i am going to work on the questions at work some tomorrow.  need regulation numbers for a couple of my answers.  looks like i know what i will be doing for the rest of the week.  wish me luck!

it's late.  off to read.  nighty, night.


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