Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh Mojo....

i found you! finally. 4 layouts done this afternoon. i spent the whole afternoon scrapping. tunes going, paper and glue.....what better way to spend my day?

in other weekend news, i ran errands yesterday, grocery shopped, cooked a great dinner today and finished laundry. not much else going on. oh, i do have a clean garage today. rob and kenny (his little brother from Big Brother, Big Sister) spent the day cleaning it out. it looks great and we can actually get one car in there! progress!

off to make popcorn and watch house on dvd. love that show!


ETA. My Girl is in the top 10 votes today (8-31-09)at 2 Pea. Wahoo! This has never happened to me before. I am soooooo excited. You can see it here. Just scroll down and it is on the bottom right.

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