Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home again, home again

home from chi-town. everyone had a great time. scott learned a lot at L20. both becky and scott loved the city. looks like a move there is in their future. must brace myself. it will be a sad day for me when the boy moves. excited for his future. hoping he will be able to get a job at L20. amazing food there. expensive dinner. best food ever. sears tower (now called willis tower) observation deck. glass balcony. swaying building. 60 seconds to go 103 floors. walked about 100 miles. learned the cta (rode the bus and subway). chinatown. art institute. monet, manet, american gothic, georgia o'keefe. kuma's corner for a burger. shopping on the mag mile. architectural boat tour. sweater in Aug. no internet. blisters (note to self: function over form). deep dish pizza. relaxation. great vacation. glad to be home. pics galore.

a blurry pic of all of us at L20 for dinner

foie gras presentation (yes, that is cotton candy)

hard rock hotel

gino's east (not my fave)

kuma's burger (yum)

scott and becky

becky outside cakegirls (she really wants to work there)

deep dish chicago pizza

the best burger ever!

scott outside L20. his dream job.


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