Sunday, August 16, 2009


Laundry (check), grocery shopping (check), phone call to hotel about airport shuttle (check), lunch with both kiddos (check), Time Travelers Wife with Lauren (check), great day (check)!

Still not packed for Chicago but all the important stuff is done. Just have to throw some clothes in the suitcase. No sweat! Will check in early on our SW flight in the morning so we can get an A boarding pass. Scott is so excited about this trip. He has big plans. And this will be Becky's first flight!

Enjoyed the movie with Lauren this afternoon. Glad I went to see it. I have the book ready to read. Taking on vacay with me.

Got some purging done yesterday in the scrap studio. Just what am I saving all those magazines for? Purged ones from 2006 and 2007. Have them ready for the recycling bin. Also am taking some old idea books to work with me to see if anyone wants them. Was inspired to do this by Lisa T. (aka Gluestick Girl). She is also purging to make room for new product from CHA Summer. I just need to get rid of junk, er, stuff I don't use. Will be paring down my other supplies after vacation. Check back often for giveaways!

Off to finish watching Army Wives and then to bed.


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