Sunday, August 09, 2009

a great day!

spent the day's tax free weekend her in TN! woooo hoooo. considering tax is 9.75%. went with rob to kohl's and the mall. got a pair of $70 shoes for $6.99, yep, that's right. i am the queen of the great deal. actually got 3 pair of shoes, a dress and a shirt for $17! i did use $30 in kohl's cash but still awesome! rob got lots 'o schtuff at the mall. found some pants that fit him great! nice tushy! rob went home and i stayed with lauren. got my first taste of forever 21. got a shirt (a medium, woot, woot) and a necklace. lauren got some stuff too!

met rob for dinner and went to see gi joe. good movie made even better by channing know, the guy from step up! he is smokin' and i had to wipe the drool off my mouth! just kidding....i do think he is hot though.

plan to head out in the morning to cool springs mall. want to hit up ann taylor loft over there. didn't find anything there today. may hit up green hills too...i feel a trip to anthropologie coming on!

time to hit the hay. night!

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