Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today was my day to post the question of the day on the Studio Calico message board. My question was: What was the favorite place you have lived and why. This prompted me to want to do a post about all the places I have lived. Here goes:

1~ Wilmington, Delaware. I was born here and I didn't live there long. We moved when I was about 2.

2~Traverse City, Michigan. What I remember most about living here is getting my dog, Spanky, the blizzard on my birthday in April and learning to swim in Lake Michigan.

3~Baltimore, Maryland. Only lived here for about 15 months. What I remember most is getting crabs and having them dumped on the table covered with newspaper.

4~York, Pennsylvania. This is where I lived most of my childhood. Lots of memories of camping, swimming, the normal childhood memories.

5~Hellam, Pennsylvania. I moved here in 8th grade and I was not happy about it. Once I settled in though it was ok. Attended junior and high school while living here. Memories of school dances, boyfriends, hanging out with friends.

6~Norcross, Georgia. Lived here for a short time before college.

7~Providence, Rhode Island. Went to college here. Unfortunately I did not stay long. Got homesick and moved back to Norcross.

8~Norcross, Georgia. Back after leaving college. Met Rob and got married.

9~Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Our first duty station. Loved the area as Washington, DC was only about 15 minutes away. Lauren born here.

10~Frankenthal, Germany. Our second duty station. I was scared to death to move here. I had never been that far from home and I had a baby. Ended up loving it here. Scott born here.

11~Clarksville, TN. Lived here while waiting for military housing. Like the apts we lived had a pool. Rob deployed to the first Gulf War while living here. Finally, got quarters and moved to....

12~Ft. Campbell, KY. Lived here for about 3 1/2 years. Great neighbors, lots of kids for Lauren and Scott to play with, great housing. Rob gone training and TDY a lot.

13~San Antonio, TX. My favorite duty station. Lived here for 4 years while stationed at Ft. Sam Houston. This was my fave because it was the first time we really got to be a whole family. Rob didn't deploy or go to the field. He could stay home with the kids if they were sick, take them to doctor appointments, coach Scott's sports teams. We both loved our jobs and for the first time we had a little money to do things. We could have stayed there for the rest of his Army career and I would have been perfectly happy.

14~Regensberg, Germany. What a beautiful place! We didn't like our housing but we met some wonderful friends, travelled through Europe and loved our jobs. I do miss it there, especially at Christmas time.

15~Clarksville, TN. We are back! We chose Ft. Campbell, Ky as our duty station since it was close to family. Could not wait to leave the whole time we lived there this time.

16~Antioch, TN. This is home now. Rob is retired. We bought our first house. Close to family. Love our jobs. Suburb of Nashville. Lots of great shows, shopping, restaurants....what more could a girl ask for? I love it here and never want to leave the Nashville area. Hopefully we will make one move to a smaller house when the kids move out then never again. Home Sweet Home!

Have a great evening.


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