Monday, July 13, 2009

Movie Review Monday

I am a movie junkie. Everyone that know me knows that. I would go to the theater, buy a ticket for every movie and go from theater to theater to theater all day long. I do scrapbook pages using my movie stubs. I see one movie a week usually. This week I have seen 3 which prompt this impromptu review. Here goes:

Public Enemies: Let me begin by saying what a great actor Johnny Depp is. He is so versatile. From Captain Jack to John Dillinger to Edward Scissorhands....he can do it all. I did enjoy this movie. I did not think it was the blockbuster it was made out to be. All the acting was wonderful, it was suspenseful, there was a love story. All the makings of a great flick. It was a little long in my opinion. I would recommend it....especially if you love Mr. Depp.

Transformers 2: This was not my favorite movie of the week. I thought this movie was looooong and drawn out. The special effects were awesome. Shia LaBeouf was cute as ever. It was a little cheesy. Too much Megan Fox. Not a movie for kids although there were lots there. I liked the first one better. Not one I would see again. Again, not the blockbuster it was made to be. Even hubby didn't like it that much.

The Proposal: Definitely my pick of the week. It had all the makings of a great movie. Comedy, love story, great scenery. And Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were spectacular together. I don't want to spoil this for anyone who hasn't seen it but the best scene was when Sandra was in the woody with Grammy (played by Betty White). Lauren and I could not stop laughing. Although the end was predictable it was still the best movie I have seen in a while. I really enjoy a good comedy and this was it. I will buy this movie...I can see myself watching it when I need a good laugh. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! I promise you will not be disappointed.

Disclaimer: these are just the opinions of one self-proclaimed movie junkie.

that's all folks


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