Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, Monday. No good for me.

(sung to the Mamas and the Papas tune). ever have a day when you should have never gotten out of bed? yep, that's me today. started off grand. hubby mad at me cause i had his keys in my car. i turned around to go back to give them to him but it made him late for a meeting. not to mention i was late for work and i'm never late. then i get to work and there is some drama about a rumor that a new supervisor for the section of our department that works upstairs. and it has been going all day. i am so over it....who cares who the supervisor is. IT IS NOT for our section! get over it already, people. on top of it i now have a killer headache! i know i usually don't rant on my blog but i needed to let off some steam! thanks for listening.

on a better note, i got the 2 add ons and Maya mist i wanted at the Studio Calico presale. they have started letting subbers purchase the add ons 12 hours prior to reveal (they do hold some back for non-subbers). one of the perks of having a subscription. i got No Place Like Home, Yellow Brick Road and 6 mists (charcoal, pink, garnet, lime, yellow and blue raspberry). i seem to have an obsession with the mist now. used it on my Piano Men layout and i want to use it on everything now. i will have plenty of colors to do so. yay!

hope everyone else is having a better day that i am.


PS are the links in my last post showing up green? i have had some trouble with that.

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