Friday, June 19, 2009

Factoid Friday

Thought I'd post some random facts about me today.

1~I was born in Wilmington, DE but didn't live there long. I have lived in MI, MD, PA, GA, VA, KY TN TX and Germany in my 43 years.

2~I love to go to name it I will go. Case in point: Cinderella and Poison a couple of years ago. Oh, and my very first concert ever was Leif Garrett at the York (PA) fair!

3~I am a self proclaimed movie junkie. I have been know to see several movies in one day. Just buy my tickets and go from theater to theater = fun for Karen.

4~I love to travel. We were not always able to do so (Army life hinders travel some.times when you use all your vacation time to see your family since you live so far away) but have been fortunate in the recent years to be able to travel. Planning a trip to The Big Apple in the fall and an Alaskan cruise next year.

5~My 25th high school reunion is this year. My class was the 25th to graduate from my high school and it is our 25th reunion. I think this is kinda cool...dork, I know.

6~I am addicted to Route 44 diet coke from Sonic. I go there every morning before work to get one. The car hops know me...a girl has to have one vice, right?

7~My new favorite store is Ann Taylor Loft. Love. everything. in. there.

8~My husband is very indulgent when it comes to my scrap habit. Never complains (ok, that one is not really about me).

9~I am looking into taking a couple of photography classes. I have this awesome camera I don't really know how to use.

10~I am REALLY hoping my husband gets a promotion at work (not that this is expected) so I can quit my job. I think this may be a pipe dream! A girl can dream, right?

11~I would love to live in the heart of a big city. Any city will do.

12~I am a voracious reader. I read about a book a week. Would be a book a day if husband would get said promotion. LOL!

13~I am not very good at staying in touch with people. I have a very good friend who lives about 2 hours away and I have seen her twice in 6 years.

14~I am terrible at remembering things. Hubby will ask me if I remember someone or something and 9 times out of 10 I say no. He thinks I will have Alzeheimer's one day (I am not making light of this in any way. Terrible disease.).

15~I love for it to be cold when I sleep. I would have the windows open in the dead of winter if Rob (hubby) would let me.

16~I am a fish. Meaning I love to swim. I am looking forward to the pool we are trying to have put in our subdivision. I will most likely spend all my time there. Remember, I won't be working! LOL!

17~I hate dealing with financial planning. Like refinancing our home (we just did it last night but have been talking about it for months), planning for retirement or investing. I do it because it is necessary but I don't like it.

18~I DO NOT like to go to the grocery store to go, what I call, big grocery shopping. I do, however, like to go to Whole Foods to pick up a few things and the Farmer's Market.

19~I am very thankful Rob is retired from the Army now. I AM very proud of him for serving. I just want him home with me now.

20~I enjoy having flowers in my garden. I just don't enjoy planting or maintaining them. I will direct Rob where to plant them and pull an occasional weed (hey, that's what my mom is for, she does it every time she visits) but most of the maintenance is up to Rob. I call him the "Garden Boy".

Have a happy weekend.


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