Saturday, June 13, 2009

City House

Thursday evening we had dinner at City House with Rob's bosses. I looked forward to it for over a week. I had never met Todd but I love going out with John. He is super fun and this dinner was no exception. Todd is very nice....Rob has only worked with him for over a year and I had not met him yet. Sad. Really enjoyed having dinner with both of them. Great company and great food. What more could a girl ask for.

We had never been to City House~Scott recommended it because he knows of the chef~ but it is my new favorite. It is in an old house in Germantown, a neighborhood in Nashville. It is very nondescript and we drove right by it. We had to turn around and go back. There are some very cool new condos/lofts right across the street from it. We peeked in the windows...ahhh to be a city dweller! My dream.....anywhoo, we found it. We got there a little early so we talked with the hostess, Stephanie and one of the servers about the history of the place. It was originally owned by and artist. Very cool decor...brick showing through the plaster, fireplaces built into the brick get the picture.

The food is rustic. All the meats are house cured. The sausage is made in house. They have a brick looked divine! I had the best kale salad and pasta with pureed cauliflower. The wine John picked was fab...lots of good conversation and wine. We had a Brown Zinfandel that was awesome. The server kept filling my glass and I kept drinking. My face actually was a little numb when we left...good thing Rob was the dd.

If you are ever in Nashville you need to check out City House....heck, give me a call and I'll go with you!

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