Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bachelorette

I haven't been saying much about the Bachelorette this season. Although I do love Jillian I have had a hard time picking my "horse". Not sure I really love any of the guys but let me just say that I was SHOCKED that she sent Jake home last night and kept that snake Wes!!!! OMG!! Is she that blind?? I think not. Probably another publicity stunt by the show. Chris even asked her about him and his possible motivations last night. The teasers that Jake will be back are intriguing at best. Wonder if she will pick one than dump them for Jake or if he will just show up and propose and she will say yes?
I think now that she is down to 5 I will pick my "horse". Better late than never, right? I really like Reid. He is appealing because he is a little neurotic and quirky. He seems very grounded and like he is just being himself. So that's my pick. Who is your "horse"?

Have a happy day!

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