Monday, May 18, 2009

Concert update!

Let me just start by saying I was so looking forward to this concert. We have had the tickets for several months and to us, they were a small fortune. But, we figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Elton John and Billy Joel so we went for it! And it was incredible!

They started out playing together and then Billy went backstage and Elton played alone for over and hour. Then Elton went backstage and Billy played for over an hour too! He is quite the jokester! Very funny! I was so excited to see Billy as I grew up in the North and he was very popular during that time. Not that I wasn't excited to see Elton (he is a knight and all). Then they played together again. The concert lasted about 3 1/2 hours! Well worth the small fortune we paid for the tickets!

I was a little disappointed after Elton played because he didn't play Bennie and the Jets, my favorite EJ song. But.....they played it together. I think it was the next to last song and it was just what I thought it would be! AWESOME! I actually jumped up and down like a little kid when they played the first note. I knew it was my song. Rob was laughing at me! I didn't even care.....

I will definitly go to see them again if we ever get the chance. When we were there I was thinking just how happy I was to be there (just like my niece was when she saw the So You Think You Can Dance tour. My sister looked over and she was crying and when she asked why all she said was the she was just so happy to be there. I didn't cry though)!

I'll leave you with some concert pics....not the best but they are what they are.


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