Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shakin' in my sneakers and an Erin Go Bragh

Happy St Patty's Day! I hope everyone had their fill of green beer and all things Irish today!

I just got home from the Y and my first Pilates class. I had no idea I was so weak. I told Rob that I have not shaken so much since I gave birth! All the more incentive to go back. I think they only have it once a week at a time I can go but I will definitely go again. I think I will like it a lot better once I don't shake like a leaf! I have a new found respect for all the celebs and dancers that do this to stay in shape. Maybe one day I will have a hot bod! Just have to keep plugging away. Oh, and I also walked for 40 minutes before. Need to figure out how many exercise points all that is worth. Not that I will eat any more. I do think that is a waste. Why do the exercise if you are just going to eat it away?

Not much else going on. Scott called me on his way to work today and told me that they were cooking dinner for Madeleine Albright today. I thought that was pretty cool. He was not impressed. I guess he is used to cooking for high ranking people and celebrities now. He doesn't get all excited. Just the nature of his business.

Off to finish watching American Idol.....also flipping to Dancing with the Stars (it is the first elimination show tonight).



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