Monday, February 23, 2009

My picks

I love watching the Oscars not so much for the award show but for the red carpet dresses. This year I picked a few I loved and a few not so much. Disclaimer: I am not a fashion expert....these are just my opinion.

Let's start with the Ugly.
I know Amanda Seyfried (from Mama Mia) is young and although I like the color, the big bow has to go.

Next we have Jessica Biel. Whoever told her that dress looked good was lying. The big flap of fabric on the bodice looks terrible.

On to the worst....Miley Cyrus' stylist needs to be FIRED! It looks like she has lettuce leaves on her dress. Way too old for her. Enough said!

Now on to the Pretty.

I really like the dress Vanessa Hudgens wore. It is classic yet fresh. It reminds my of the type of dresses my daughter wore to high school formals. Nice choice, Vanessa.

I also really liked the dress Sarah Jessica Parker chose. I love the vintage look of it. Very classy. She seems to be the queen of the vintage gown.

Another great vintage gown is this one that Penelope Cruz wore. I normally don't like the dresses she chooses but she looked lovely in this.

And last but certainly not least my pick for best dressed is....drum roll please....Kate Winslet. I just love her to pieces. She always looks so classy and seems to be so comfortable in her skin. And she is a great actress to boot. Kudos Kate.

So that is the best and worsed dressed list for the 2009 Oscars according to Karen. I'd love to know who your best and worst dressed are.

Have a great night.


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