Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am so proud of myself!

I started Weight Watchers on Monday and am doing very well. I have lost 3 pounds! Like taking a cup of sand out of the Sahara desert but it's a start. I am so excited about following this plan. I really think it is something I can stick with for life. Finally!

So tonight we went to Outback for dinner. I was a little nervous about going out to eat but thought Outback would have chicken. I wanted to order the grilled shrimp but was not sure what was on it. The waitress told me it is grilled with a sweet glaze but they could leave it off. So I ordered it. When the runner brought our food she asked me if I was sure I didn't want any sauce for my shrimp. I told her I was sue. The shrimp had some seasoning on it and was great! It came with grilled veggies, grilled pineapple and wild rice. I even have 9 points left over to have a snack. So at the end of the meal Rob orders this:

Peanut butter pie with chocolate sauce! I didn't even have a bite. He obviously did not eat it all. Brought it home for Lauren. She is coming to visit tomorrow. And is going with us to Atlanta this weekend for my Dad's birthday. I am so excited to see her. I miss her a lot. I took Friday off and am just going to hang out with her.

American Idol is on! Hope they are better this week. The first girl is not impressing me.....

Have a good night!


ETA Just talked to Lauren and she can't come down until Friday Night! Bummer! But I have to understand she is an adult and has a life of her own. It is really ok....I will have her all weekend!

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