Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interesting evening

So I leave work and make my 4:30 call to Rob to see if he is heading home. He is. And he is having chest pain. Again. I get home and we immediately go to the hospital. We have done this before. 3 or 4 times. Good news is no heart attack. And his ticker is healthy. So why is he having chest pain???? I would just like to know. Not too much to ask do ya think? He has had several episodes of this and had a heart cath in Sept that was normal. Just no explanation for the pain. So, he has to go to our family doc today or tomorrow to get a referral for a cardiologist (darn hmo). Rob is frustrated because there has not been a definitive answer to his pain. We just want to know that he is a-ok.

On a lighter note, we did get to watch American Idol while waiting for lab results. There were a few good performances, most were terrible and one great one. They truly did save the best for last in my opinion.

Oh, and in true scrapbooker fashion as Rob is laying in the hospital bed I say, "oh, no I didn't get my picture of the day" to which Rob replied with the stink eye. Guess that meant no picture. But after the doc told us he was okay to go home I did take a pic of the empty hospital bed. What can I say.....I had to get my picture of the day!

have a great day...I will try to.


ETA Going to my first Weight Watchers meeting tonight. I am so excited!

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