Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goals and dreams

In honor of the winner of my giveaway here are some goals (scrappy and life) and dreams.


~I want to finally beat the weight loss battle. I am joining Weight Watchers next week. I have heard a lot of great things about the program and think it will be something I can stick with for life.

~I would like to be published this year. Of course, that means I will have to actually submit layouts. I have not felt like mine were good enough in the past but I have been very pleased with my work the last few months.

~I want to get my house decorating finished. I still have several rooms to paint (I even have the paint). I think I got burned out on painting when we first moved in because we painted so much. Maybe I will work on that this weekend. I also want to put in granite counter tops and a backsplash in the kitchen. Let's see what else.....hardwood floors downstairs, ceramic tile in the bathrooms. Also need to purchase new bedroom furniture for our room and the guest room and furniture for the family room.

~I still need to find a church. I think this is such a hard task. I have in my mind how I want the church to be....maybe my expectations are too high. I just want it to feel right and haven't found that yet.

~To become debt free.


~To be thin again....just to feel good in my skin. I know I can do it!

~To quit my job and be a homemaker again.

~To travel the world!

Lots of comments on showing more of my scrapbook pages and do a project tutorial. I will definitely show more pages and am tossing the idea of a tutorial around.

Today Library of Memories at Big Picture Scrapbooking started. I am taking this again this year as alumni. I am very happy to be doing this. After class last year I slacked off with the photo organizing. Can't wait to get back to it. I plan to stick with it this year! Oh, maybe that should have been one of my goals.

Project 365 is going very well. I have actually kept up with taking photos. I do have 2 weeks of printed photos to go in my album. I will get that done this weekend. I should post what I have done so far, eh?

No plans for this evening other than to relax. It has been a rough week so far. Looking forward to the weekend and Monday I am off. I plan to scrapbook all day so should have lots to share.

Have a great day!


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