Monday, December 08, 2008

some exciting news.......

this is my son Scott and his FIANCE Becky!!!!!! they got engaged Sat. night which was the 5th anniversary of their first date. i am sure you can't tell by the photo how excited Scott is! just look at that big grin. he didn't even fight me to have his picture taken! they met in 8th grade, went on their first date in 10th and have been together ever since. Scott is finished with school~he graduated in May with a degree in Culinary Arts. Becky is a junior in college so they will wait to marry until she graduates. she is his ONE and i am so glad he is hers! they are very much in love and have a wonderful relationship. they are so caring and kind to one another. so.....i guess there will be wedding planning going on in the next year or so! here are a few shots of the is a criss cut (like a cushion cut but with more facets, i think) center stone with diamonds along the band of the ring. i think Scott did a great job picking it out. they had seen it when they were out looking but she didn't think he would get it because it cost a lot for a 20 year old. he said to me that they had tried on several rings that day and this was their last stop. he said when she put on this ring her face lit up and he knew that was the ring he had to get her! money was no object to him.....he wanted her to have the ring she loved! my wish for them is to have many, many happy years together.

sunday we went to see Little Big Town and Carrie Underwood. what a great show. loved LBT but really was excited to see Carrie. i had heard that she was great in concert and she did not disappoint. she even sang a Fleetwood Mac song with LBT and Paradise City from Guns n Roses! the girl can rock! rob took some pics with his phone and they didn't turn out great but they are concert pics nonetheless. we had great seats--not on the floor but that is ok for me because i am short and probably would have had a hard time seeing.

today we worked on getting the walls prepped in the guest room. i washed the baseboards down and rob filled holes in the walls. he will sand them tomorrow while i am at my bookclub meeting and we will paint on Wed. the in-laws will be here sometime Fri. so want to have the room finished so they have a room of their own. so nice to finally have a guest room.

that's all for now.


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