Sunday, December 14, 2008

oh christmas tree.........

the "designer" tree is up and decorated. not sure if you can tell from the photo but the balls are blue, red, gold,turquoise, purple and green and a clear glass ball with glitter bands in those colors. i think the decorating is now complete. didn't do as much as last year and still want to purchase some tree candles and small ornaments for a vase but that will be it. even went through some old decorations and got rid of them. rob and i have determined we DO NOT need any more lights. we have a bin and a half of lights that were not used. we even threw away all the burned out ones. guess we got a little light happy at the after christmas sales last year......

a few more items i put out faves are the mercury glass trees....i have a slight obsession with mercury glass! i have lots of it around the house.

still going strong with the dec daily posts. i think it will only be harder from here on out......still a little shopping to do.....maybe i'll get some pics of that.

that's all for now.


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