Saturday, December 13, 2008

my goodies.....

from Jenni's open house. got pics of them and wanted to share. i am really excited about this flower frog....i have been looking for one and this was exactly what i wanted. i should have know Jenni would have some. i definitely will be checking out her antique/vintage booth.

i also pick up some glass glitter, mini bingo cards, vintage milk caps and buttons and some flowers....

got our family room tree up and decorated tonight. lauren came over to help. we put all the ornaments people have given us or the kids or i have made on this tree. when i was a child my parents started giving me (and my sister) an ornament every year that way when we moved out we would have them for our own tree. we continued that tradition with our children so we have A LOT of ornaments! now we just choose our faves to hang. some shots of lauren decorating and some fave ornaments:

i guess that is enough for now. i NEED to get my dec daily album together....i have lots to put in it! i have to say i am so proud of myself for posting every day....quite a feat for me!

that's all for now.


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