Friday, November 21, 2008


was awesome! i was a little disappointed with some of the changes that were made but in the end it worked out. all in all it was entertaining. and can i just say that rob pattinson is H-O-T, hot? loved his voice and the way he looked at bella! just perfect. they could not have chosen 2 better actors for those roles. had a great time with my girlfriends from work. plan to see it again with lauren on sunday. should be fun to see it again with her.

not much planned for the weekend. plan to go look for a new mattress for scott. also want to finish clearing out lauren's old room. have to get started on a guest is fast approaching and we are going to have a house full of guests.

that's all for now.

peace out!

ETA: here are some pics of us at the movie......sorry they are so dark.

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