Thursday, October 16, 2008

mr. miyagi ain't got nothing on him.......

just a quick story.....hubs and i were laying in bed on monday night and i hear a fly buzzing around us. i say to hubs "there is a fly in here. do you hear it?" to which he replies "yeah". i ask him to get it....he asks me how i would like him to do that. i tell him, jokingly, to just reach up and grab it the next time it buzzes over us and we both laugh about this. hubs is laying on his side and the next thing i know his arm snaps up over us. then there is no more buzzing. i start laughing and ask him if he got the fly. he says "yeah, mr. miyagi ain't got nothing on me"! i could not believe he actually caught it. he really did! my own mr. miyagi!!!



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