Sunday, October 26, 2008

honey do list......

got almost all of my "honey do" list done today. rob cut our grass, got the downstairs cleaned and decorated a little for fall. rob put up some Halloween decorations and carved his pumpkin. am still doing seems that chore is never-ending. went to the grocery. waiting for my dinner to be finished. found a recipe for Turkey meatloaf in my Williams Sonoma Chicken cookbook (which i love) and made that since we are trying to eat more healthfully. is that a word??

spent some time with Scott this morning before he went to work....i don't get the pleasure of doing that very often so i love it! it makes my day. he sat with me while i made the grocery list and we just chatted about his work, my work and Christmas.

have to go check the meatloaf. will post the recipe if it is good.



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