Thursday, September 11, 2008


i remember that day so clearly....i was asleep and got a call from rob that a plane had hit one of the twin towers. i remember thinking that it must have been a terrible accident...but later found out it was no accident. we had just returned from Germany and had only been stateside about a month. Ft. Campbell went on lockdown, no one in or out. rob said he didn't know when he would be home....i was glued to the tv as i am sure the rest of America (and the world) was. then the plane hit the pentagon. and the plane crashed in PA. so thankful for the brave men that stopped that plane from its destination.

when it was discovered that it was a terrorist attack all i could think of was that i could not believe this was happening on our soil....this kind of thing only happened to other countries and people. not here in the US...the greatest nation on Earth. but it did and i believe that it changed us as a Nation. i know i am more mindful of my surroundings. not to the extreme but i do pay more attention. funny how one day you are so secure and the next not.

take time today to remember those brave men, women and children that were lost in the attacks and the rescue efforts. take time to remember and say a prayer for our servicemen and women that are serving us all to keep us safe. take time to be thankful for your families. take time to remember.........



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