Sunday, September 07, 2008

new PC layout...........

did this one for Week 8 of Project Catwalk. This photo is very special to me. it is the one that changed our lives forever. rob had gotten orders to go to Korea for 2 years and scott was in his junior year of high school. of course, rob did not want to go and leave us yet again. he was looking at some old photos and when he saw this one he decided, right then and there, to put in his retirement paperwork. you see, if he was retiring he would not have enough time for them to send him to Korea. his retirement was approved, he didn't have to go, he got to spend very important time with Scott (and Lauren and I also). he enjoyed Scott's senior year very much. he was very involved with marching band and was the best band dad evah!!!!! we are so happy he made that decision. we finally have a home to call our own and we are so happy!!!!!

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