Saturday, August 02, 2008

movie saturday........

finally got to see this with Lauren....i have been waiting until she could go with me. a very good mother/daughter flick. i loved it and so did she.....was kind of sad though because i kept thinking about Lauren going into the Navy. she takes her practive ASVAB on Tuesday and if she does well enough to get the job she wants she will take the real thing and be on her way. i know it will be good for her but it is hard to see my baby girl go. i will miss her so and will worry about her every minute of every day. i know she has to do this though. it is what she wants so i have to support her every step of the way. it is just such a scary world we live in right now.....

so Lauren and i get home from Mamma Mia and Rob has dinner ready. we eat and then he says he wants to go to see this: it was not as good as the first 2. in fact, it was a little cheesy. can't win them all. at least i saw one fab movie today.

oh, and i have posted twice in one day....a record!

peace out


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