Monday, July 14, 2008

weekend recap.......

good morning. here's a recap of my weekend:

Friday: came home from work and relaxed....simply wonderful.

Saturday: took my car in for 30K service which i thought was an oil change and tire rotation when lo an behold it is a semi tune up which costs not the $49.95 i think i am paying but $299.95! way to start out the day but i have dealer maintained the car so i went for it. have to keep the baby running great. then went to get my annual mammogram. they were backed up and my appointment was at 10:30. i get there at 10 like they ask and i don't have the dang mammo until 11:30! let's just say i was tired of sitting and waiting. then the tech squeezed one of my boobs so hard i got a little light headed. all in all, not a great start to my day. after mammo went to drop off some cardboard at the recycling center by Hobby Lobby. went into HL to see about having my $10 poster from ikea framed and it will cost $56. not what i expected!! went home to get Rob and went to lowe's for a closet organizer for scott's closet. came home, installed it and then took Rob's little brother (from Big Brothers, Big Sisters program) to see Hellboy 2 which he loved and i didn't. just not my kind of movie. all in all a productive day if not the most enjoyable. Oh, and looked for a car for Scott since he is having issues with his and is tired of it.

Sunday: got up, read the paper and started on honey do list. rob and scott pitched in and we actually got it almost all completed. still have a couple of things to accomplish like finishing my resume for a job that closes tomorrow that i know i don't qualify for. seems like an exercise in futility but at least i will have it ready for when the next job comes open. went to target for groceries and worked on the list some more. watched Design Star. so glad they got rid of tracee!

lots planned for this week so i don't have to clean on the weekend. i think i did very well this weekend with my list and plan. i may even get some scrapping in....

peace out


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