Friday, July 11, 2008

i am trying..... be a better blogger. i am trying to make sure i get something down at least 5 days a week. i want this to be my journal--i know that is the point--i guess, i should say i want to start keeping a journal. i used to when i was younger but it was sporatic. i want to be more consistent with it. as i get older i am realizing how important it is to leave a legacy. to let people know your thoughts and feelings and things you enjoyed (or didn't). i want this to be an outlet for thoughts and creativity.

this weekend is going to be a busy one. i need to give our house a good scrub down. i have been working so much, i am lagging behind on it. i have also decided that i will try to accomplish one thing around the house every day after work. that way i don't have to spend my weekend cleaning and can enjoy my time. i am also leaving Lauren and Scott honey-do lists (although Scott's is called a Scottie-do list). they have not been helping out as much as 2 adult children living at home should. that is coming to a screeching halt. i need help. i can't do it all. i need more time to relax, scrapbook and just be. i am feeling stressed and not at my best. i always feel like i haven't done enough or that i don't have enough time to do it all. i have so many things i would rather be doing: scrapbooking, reading, sitting outside in my backyard enjoying the summer (and the grass that is finally growing, yipee!!) or just hanging out. i think it is important to regroup after a long work week. so next weekend there will be no cleaning....only relaxing and doing things i enjoy.

i am hoping to knock out a few pages this weekend. still have to finish organizing the scrap studio. need Rob to finish painting baskets. i got the owl decal i wanted for my wall this week. it is so cute! i am hoping to get it on the wall tomorrow.

i also want to start posting more pics. i have taken a few in the last few weekends and need to start a flickr account. i want to beautify my blog also. finally figured out how to do a header last weekend. just need to have time to do all this. starting next weekend, i will.

peace out!


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