Tuesday, July 01, 2008

the bachelorette shocker.........

so miss deanna completely caught me off guard when she sent home Jeremy last night. i never would have thought she would have sent him home. i thought she was really into him. she kept saying how perfect he was. maybe that was part of the prob.
she is kind of hard to read. i have watched every episode of the bachelor/bachelorette from the very first season and i am usually pretty good at picking out who will be sent home. not this season. i mean, who would have thought that jesse would be one of the final two? not me! he has grown on me though and i think that the reason he is still around is because he is different than the others and that intrigues her. i think he has become my "horse".

in scrapbooking news i ordered my first studio calico kit yesterday. i can't wait to get it. love what stephanie creates with it. maybe my stuff will look like hers....or not! also ordered the cocoa daisy kit this month. it is a travel album designed by ali edwards and i love her stuff. want to use it for our trip to hilton head in oct.

have a lovely day.

peace out


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