Monday, June 30, 2008

a bbq and a shopping trip........

went to atlanta this weekend to go to my sister's annual BBQ in honor of her deceased father-in-law. This was the 13th annual Bear Day. had a good time. got to see some people i have not seen in a year and visit with my family.

went to Love Street while i was there and bought a cool picture frame with my fave quote on it to hang in the living room. also got a pair of switchflops at Heart & Sole which is owned by the same people. they are so cute. the thong part has velcro on it and you can purchase new straps to put on them. so cute.....i am sure they will become my new obsession.....

yesterday we went to ikea and then went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch at Atlantic Station. had a great the food there. wish we had one closer. on second thought it is probably good the we don't. did a little shopping then came home.

one last note, this scrapbooker DID NOT TAKE ONE SINGLE PICTURE the whole weekend.......blasphemy i tell you.

peace out


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