Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scrap Etc!

Had a great time this weekend in B-ham. It was still fun even though Angie and Kim didn't get to go because of illness. Best class of all was Kristina C's! I was so excited to meet her. She is truly an artist and I admire her because she does her own thing no matter what anyone else thinks! She is a sweet person and I enjoyed chatting with her. Enjoyed all the classes but the ones with Robin J. Guess I just wasn't into the topics. Not her fault--just was tired. Christina P. was so funny. Loved talking to her as she ate her chicken biscuit. She told us if we ever go to CA that we have to go to a burger joint called In and Out. Will check it out if I ever make it there. Stacy J is an inspiration. She came to the event even though her grandma Addie has just passed. What a woman! So full of life and the love of it. I bought her book and plan to read it cover to cover. I need to adopt her philosophy of just getting the memories scrapped and not be so concerned with the perfect page.

Well, off to bed for me. Must go back to work tomorrow. Will post pics of this weekend if I can figure out how to. Novice blogger that I am!!!!!!!!!!

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