Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another Day...........

Just another day at the hacienda.

Actually, went to see Zodiac today. It was ok--definitely not what I expected. MSN gave it 5 stars. I was so psyched to see it! It was good but not great--a little slow.

Home now and doing laundry and cleaning up.

Plans are to start getting things together for Scrap Etc. I am so ready to go and spend a few days away doing something I love and don't get to do enough of at home. Since scrapbooking on the kitchen table is a drag for me, I don't haul out the stuff much. Most of the goodies are in the garage in plastic bins stacked one on top of the other. Sucks to get them all down!!! Can't wait for the other room to be finished so I have a place of my own to create!!!!!! and to display all the goodies!

Must do a better job at posting. I wanted to start this blog to use as a daily journal. Haven't done well at that. Vow to do better................

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