Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what i am reading now.

i would like to share the latest book i am reading.  if you don't know i am an avid reader.  always have been.  i love where the words in books can take you.  what they can make you feel.
i track what i read on Goodreads and i love it.  it allows me to keep track of the books i have read and what i want to read.  last year i challenged myself to read 20 books and was able to complete that challenge.  i do not think of myself as a fast reader.  i enjoy savoring the words and like the plot to sink in.  this year i have upped my goal to 25 books and am happy to say i have already completed 2 books this year.
this book drew me in simply because of the cover.  and the fact that Alice Hoffman wrote it. she is an excellent writer.   i enjoy reading historical fiction and this book fit the bill.  i have only just begun this book but it has already drawn me in.   This description is taken from Alice's website: "The Dovekeepers is a novel set during and after the fall of Jerusalem (70 C.E.). The book covers a period of four years as the Romans waged war against the Jewish stronghold of Masada, claimed by a group 900 rebels and their families. The story is taken from the historian Josephus, who has written the only account of siege, in which he reported that two women and five children survived the massacre on the night when the Jews committed mass suicide rather than submit to the Roman Legion. It was they who told the story to the Romans, and, therefore, to the world. I have researched The Dovekeepers for many years, relying not only Josephus’s account, but also on the findings of Yigal Yadin, the archeologist who led the Masada project."

what are you reading right now?  why not join me on my reading adventure this year and see where your books can take you?


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