Sunday, January 29, 2012

currently on a sunday.

Time: 8:09 pm
Location: sitting on my new couch.  we call it the no sit couch (like no touch towels in the bathroom-the ones meant to just look pretty)
Eating: nothing.  i have finished my meals for the day.  just finished up a small dish of yogurt.
Drinking: water.  still going strong/
Watching: The Good Wife
Reading: The Dovekeepers.  Excellent so far.
Loving: my new mani/pedi.
Needing: to see Lauren.  Soon.
Thinking: how i hate that the weekend is over in a flash.  i could use another
                                                       day off.
                                                       Wondering: if i will make it to CO for the birth of the gbaby.
                                                       Enjoying: a quiet Sunday night at home.

what are your currents? 

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