Wednesday, November 10, 2010

day 10

today i am grateful for the washer repair guy.  let me explain.  i have a whirlpool duet front loader washer/dryer that i am absolutely smitten with.  weird, i know but it is the truth.  i was so excited when we got the pair about 2 years ago.  pricey but well worth it.  i really think our clothes are cleaner and i KNOW that it cut our water bill drastically.  so....about 2 weeks ago the washer starting giving an error code.  i could usually clear it but on sunday i was unable to.  that means no laundry was getting done.  i simply cannot bring myself to go to a laundry mat.  i tried to schedule service through the Whirlpool web site but they couldn't get someone out here until the 15th!  egad!!!!!!! what's a girl to do????  so.....i called the Advance (they were one of the ones Whirlpool uses) and they could come out today!  ahhhhhh!  he came out fixed my baby and i am listening to the sound of laundry being done now~

and yes, i was totally hanging out by the front window waiting for the repairman to get in the van so i could snap a pic without him seeing me.  tee hee!


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