Sunday, November 21, 2010

about 11 days behind

so here goes:

i am grateful for:
11- being able to travel.  there was a time when i was not sure we would ever have the means to be able to do so.
12-Georgetown cupcakes.  Ha! best pumpkin spice cupcake i ever ate.
13-having an understanding family. i am not the best a keeping in touch.
14-the mute button while Justin Beiber is singing.
15-the relationship in have with Lauren now.  it was rocky for several years.  glad we found our way back.
16-my family being happy and healthy. 
17-for the happiness Lauren and Scott have found.
18-that Scott is able to live his dream (and that Becky is willing to sacrifice for him to be able to do it).
19-that Rob will be home on Wed for Thanksgiving!
20-that i am finally back on track and am losing the pounds i have gained.
21-for being able to laugh at the silly things.....

Whew....caught up now.

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