Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the mysterious case of the exploding watermelon.

are you sure it's not monday?  again.  after a long day at work ( i worked 3 hours over time) i got home at 8 pm and spotted water all over the kitchen floor.  then i looked up and saw this!  egad!  what in the world?
what happened here?????  i just bought this yesterday.  when i picked it up the melon was turned to mush.  this is the strangest thing.  sooooo........after a marathan day at work i get to clean up watermelon.  it was in the drawer under the countertop and the juice was in the bottom cabinet, all over the floor and under the kitchen sink.  what????!!!!  i guess we need to recaulk the sink.  watermelon juice went under the sink and into the cabinet under the sink.  who knew?  needless to say, i was NOT happy.  and poor Rob.  he called from NY to talk and i was not in the talking mood.  i am sure he understood.

so here is what my kitchen looks like now.  and there is a load of dishes in the dishwasher.  and my hands smell like bleach.  cleaned with that in case there was some kind of yuck that made triggered the explosion.

letting the cabinets dry out and then after work tomorrow i will put it all away. 

i am ready for a good nights sleep.


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