Tuesday, July 27, 2010

and just like that

Scott is a Windy City resident. 

it was a whirlwind move in.  drove to Schaumburg on Sunday and took a trip to Ikea.  2 hours later Scott and Becky were the owners of a cool sectional sofa with a chaise on the end that has storage under the cushion and a pull out section that turns the sofa into a queen size bed for guests.  (i am sure i will be spending a lot of time on that pull out section!  Lauren and i are already planning a trip there!)  They also got a couple of cool lamps, a book shelf, some under bed storage and an end table.  spent the night in Schaumburg on Sunday and drove into Chicago early Monday morning for the lease signing, key pick up and truck unloading.  thank goodness Becky's parents were able to come too as i am positive we could not have done it without them.  the kids are on the 3rd floor and had more stuff than we thought!  anyway, we got it all moved it to 575 square feet.  the apt is small but perfect for them.  nice, tree lined neighborhood with Target right around the corner.  what more could you ask for. tee hee!

we made a run to Portillo's for lunch and to Best Buy.  put some furniture together and headed to said target for a few items.  then it was off to dinner and a boo hoo fest at the hotel.  i think i did relatively well.  it was so super hard leaving him there but i know he will be just fine.  i am so very proud of both he and Becky for following their dream in the big city. 

my mom says the day she took me and Lauren to the airport to fly to Germany was the hardest day of her life.  she felt like her heart was being torn from her chest.  i know that feeling now.  and it's no picnic.  but i will get to visit often.  and i know they will be fine.  and i will be fine.  so proud of them.  oh, wait i already said that.  but i really am.

got home today and saw his empty room and had to shut the door.  i am keeping busy today.  no work for me so i am off to get a mani/pedi (i need it after the packing/moving/assembling), to pick up the kids' wedding rings and maybe to see a movie.  back to work tomorrow.

i am not sharing photos because i am on the library computer.  my laptop had to be sent out for repairs and it will be another week before i get it back.  bummer! 

i will share photos as soon as i can.


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