Friday, February 19, 2010

have you ever had one of those days?

i am having one today.  first of all i didn't get much sleep.  that always makes for a bad start to my day.  i get to work and 2 of my employees have called out sick!  arrrrgh!  i am short handed in my department as it is.  i am at work for about 45 minutes and another one calls in.  double arrrrgh!  so, let's just say i am living for 4:30 right now!  i hate it when my day starts out like that......  (thanks for letting me vent )

on to my friday five.  today the subject is:  Looking forward to.
  1. looking forward to the weekend.  shocker, i know.
  2. looking forward to seeing Rob in a couple of weeks.  he will be home for a week starting March 4.  he needs a "family fix"!
  3. looking forward to the Spring.  warmer weather, cute dresses, flip flops....ahhhh!
  4. looking forward to finding the odor that is coming from my fridge.  i know that is gross but i cleaned the whole thing out and wiped it down last weekend, pulled it out from the wall to see if there was anything under it and put baking soda in the fridge and freezer side and it still has a funky smell.  wondering if it has a drip pan underneath?  ideas anyone?
  5. looking forward to spending some scrappy time with my Studio Calico kit.  it has been sitting on my desk for 2 weeks.  i also want to sort some photos this weekend.  trying to play catch up with Library of Memories.  i am taking it as an alumni for the second time.  this time i need to stick with it because it really is a great system!
that's all for now.  have a great weekend and a better day then i am.

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